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1. Aagat
20, Male, GB
Score : 95%
2. Ralph
23, Male, CN
Score : 89%
3. Brendan Teo
16, Male, SG
Score : 81%
4. Juan Carlos Bautista
29, Male, PH
Score : 79%
5. Aditya
14, -NA-, -NA-
Score : 79%
6. Vasu
29, Male, NP
Score : 76%
7. Ana
16, Female, -NA-
Score : 75%
8. Kaynat
18, Female, PK
Score : 73%
9. Jaures
22, Male, CM
Score : 72%
10. Daniel
19, Male, PH
Score : 71%
11. Cc
14, Male, AT
Score : 71%
12. K
21, Male, GB
Score : 71%
13. Jop
30, Male, CZ
Score : 71%
14. Vijay
33, Male, GB
Score : 71%
15. Nisha
17, Male, BR
Score : 71%
16. Rawan Farook
15, Female, AE
Score : 68%
17. Sree
14, Female, -NA-
Score : 68%
18. Hi
14, Male, -NA-
Score : 68%
19. Bong Melendez
30, Male, PH
Score : 67%
20. Jose
14, Male, US
Score : 66%

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About Test

Test Name : IQ Test (General)
Test created by :

Name : Sagarika
Gender : Female
Age : 26
Education : PG
Country : India

Number of Sections : 5
Total Number of questoins : 29
Test duration : 11 minutes

Test Instructions ***

  • Do not use 'back button' of the browser or do not reload or refresh the page.
  • Do not Click Submit button more than once. Wait for questions on new section to download once you click on submit button at the end of each section.
  • Javascript in your browser must be enabled. By default Javascript is enabled in all the browsers.
  • Remember there are NEGATIVE MARKS for incorrect answers. For every incorrect answer 1/5th (0.20) of marks alloted for that particular question will be deducted from the total marks scored.
  • All questions may or may not carry equal marks

What is IQ test

IQ or Intelligence Quotient is an attempt to measure intelligence level of individuals. This means many things to many people but generally the attribute of intelligence refers to quickness of mental agility. Originally IQ was invented to measure the mental ability of children and expressed as Mental age multiplied by 100 and devided by Chronological age. However, as the time goes IQ has become an important measure to quantify a person's general intelligence. And different IQ tests have been designed to measure IQ of Adults. Intelligence Quotient indicates a person's mental abilities relative to others of approximately the same age.

How to calculate IQ

  • The IQ score of an individual is a relative score and measured using Mean and Standard Deviation of the test results.
  • A typical IQ test includes testing of different abilities of a person like Verbal , Mathematical, Spatial, Logic, Pattern Recognition, Gen. Knowledge, Short Term memory, Visualization and Classification.
  • Each IQ test is calibrated taking the Mean as 100 and Standard Deviation as 15 using test results of reasonable number of people that have taken the test in each age range.

Objecive ***

This test is recommended for all and helps its takers know their basic IQ level.

Recent Comments by Test takers

UserId: 31608
Good test
UserId: 31607
Nice test
UserId: 31601
Kepp high standards-verily an IQ Yardstick.
UserId: 31595
Simply Superb. easy to identify nd read the questions.
UserId: 31591
E u so X bk yt do
UserId: 31589
Nothing to say
UserId: 31587
Very nice test :)
UserId: 31584
UserId: 31583
i feel better
UserId: 31582
nice one
UserId: 31581
very hard
UserId: 31577
UserId: 31576
UserId: 31575
Too good
UserId: 31573
UserId: 31571
Not bad
UserId: 31570
Was too good,
thank you
but some questions a quite too dificult
UserId: 31565
UserId: 31563
gud test but we could not written back to the questions once submitted....nd i bymistake i submitted section 2
UserId: 31561
Have a timer